Antigua Fly Fishing
& Light Tackle Charters 

Blue skies, warm tropical water - BIG FISH!

Antigua Fly Fishing  
& Light Tackle Charters 
specialises in guided saltwate
r fly fishing and light tackle excursions around the beautiful Caribbean twin-island nation of Antigua and Barbuda.

Wading Charters

the near shore surf zone
for the scything fins of tailing permit.....

Or, perhaps spy cruising bonefish - as they feed in the skinniest of water.....


Float Tubing 

Strap on some dive fins and go afloat on some of Antigua's more sheltered waterways - to cast a fly at rolling tarpon (and other gamefish) from our

 **OUTCAST  'Super Fat Cat ' Float Tubes** 

"Fly fishing with Captain Nick was the outing of a lifetime.
Float tubing for tarpon in Antigua was like sumo wrestling while on a diet!
Nick calls these 'baby' tarpon. Now I just have to laugh after waking the next morning with a sore shoulder and a huge smile on my face.
He got me into 20lbs. plus fish all day. It's like deep sea fishing - in a bathtub!!
Don't bring an 8wt unless you only want to have splinters left in your hand.
This is a hidden gem for any fly fisherman visiting Antigua.
Float tubing allows multiple opportunities to stalk and sight fish for these tailing monsters! These fish fight like a marlin for the first 20 minutes and like a king salmon for the next 15 minutes. Nick was great taking me through all the steps it takes to hook and land these beautiful fish.
Epic adventure, thanks Nick!"  
               Ron Enyeart  - Issaquah WA


"EXTREME fishing, in total comfort.... ALL day long!"

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