Antigua Fly Fishing
& Light Tackle Charters 

Blue skies,
warm tropical water......
                                          BIG FISH!  

Capt. Nick Williams  
is your saltwater fishing guide........ 
specializing in fly fishing AND light tackle 
spinning charters 
in and around the beautiful Caribbean twin-island nation of
Antigua and Barbuda !!

Wading Charters

the near shore 'surf zone'
for the scything sickle fins of tailing permit.....

Float Tubing Charters 

Strap on some dive fins and let's go afloat on some of Antigua's more sheltered waterways - to cast at rolling
tarpon (and other gamefish) from

**OUTCAST  'Super Fat Cat ' float tubes

& OSG 'Stealth Pro'  Frameless pontoon boats

'Micro Skiff' Fishing 

"Necessity IS the Mother of Invention"

And to get the most from your limited time

out on the water...

- It's BEST to be 'FLEXIBLE'!!

Check out our UNIQUE.... 

Foldcat 375fc 12ft modified pontoon/
micro skiff  

This 'fishing machine' - (driven by Nick)

can take
SOLO anglers to the kind of

'wild' places -  where MANY species

become FAR MORE accessible.....

Tarpon, Permit, Bonefish, Snook..... 

Barracudas, Jacks & Snapper....

 These are ALL potentially within reach!!

- pancake flats to protected mangroves....

- shallow lee shorelines & reef passes....

- harbors, bays, inlets, lagoons....

... the Foldcat 'Micro Skiff' CAN

get us there!!!

Complete with 4-stroke outboard,

55lb 12V Minn Kota electric trolling motor,

solid casting deck & shallow water anchor

We cover habitat with 'relative' ease....

(also ideal for protected 'inshore' trolling)


moving with 'stealth' in order to

pursue elusive fish - in tight spots....

and VERY skinny water!

Night Fishing 

'Sight' fishing is still possible -

Using super bright twin 8K lumen LED

tube arrays, cruising with the electric

trolling motor - we 
visually target and

cast to 


This can be some of the most

HIGHLY productive, HIGHLY addictive,

fishing out there!!

All YOU need..... is a 'Hall Pass'!!!

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