Antigua Fly Fishing
& Light Tackle Charters 

Charter Rates....

 2017 Rates include:
 rod, reel, leaders,
 flies/lures/bait etc.

(Cold bottled water is always available.)

**Anglers WILL need:
 hat, polarized sunglasses, buff, fishing shirt, board shorts or lightweight long trousers, neoprene wading/dive boots, sunscreen and bug spray.**

(Please feel free to bring snacks, fruit (no bananas!!),
 sandwiches, protein bars etc.... if you think you will get hungry while we are out on the water

 MAXIMUM of 2 anglers on most charters* 

Flats/ Wading 4hr
 .... $250USD

 Flats/ Wading 6hr charter
.... $350USD

Full day 10 hr charter
 .... $500USD

Above prices for EITHER 1 OR 2 persons

FLOAT TUBE 'rentals' 
 $50USD/person per charter
      (including dive fins & anchor etc)

NB. Outcast Super Fat Cat Float Tubes do have a certain a
mount of 'dry' storage where it is possible to stow essential bits of kit that you may wish to bring along....
 - including cameras, phones, wallets!

(Ziplock bags are recommended to store anything 'precious'!!)

NEW FOR 2017!!

Enquire about FOLDCAT 375fc.....
- for 'stand up', skinny water sight fishing charters...... (weather permitting.)

Foldcat 375fc comes complete with:
push pole, electric trolling motor and/or 4-stroke outboard with shallow water anchoring system

*FOLDCAT 375fc available 
for SOLO anglers only*

PERSONAL fly casting tuition

Understanding loop formation and improve your double haul.... $50USD per hour

Whilst on charter....
$50USD per person per session
for UNLIMITED coaching


are to be paid IN FULL....... 
BEFORE our first session commences.
Thank you.

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