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The Fish....


An extremely elusive and hard fighting member of the jack family - to catch a permit - on fly - is perhaps the ultimate culmination of fishing skill, concentration and determination....

We stalk these silvery ghosts, straining to spot their arcing black dorsal fins and their tails, as they feed head down in the shallow breaking waves atop the coral flats between sea grass beds.

"Seeing" is everything
 with these fish so we hope for bright skies and not too much wind to enable us to spot them and to present a well aimed cast to land closeby - as quietly as possible!!

Before heading out in search of Permit - I would recommend that you take the time to read the following excellent articles....

Hunting Permit
        &    The Permit Puzzle 

These pieces will hopefully put you somewhat in the picture as to the adversary you will potentially be taking on!!


Famed for their leaping acrobatics when hooked, followed by dogged and wily resistance all the way to the bank (- if, that is, you are lucky enough to keep them on that long!).... tarpon are a highly popular and much revered fish.

Feeding out in the ocean, tarpon can grow to truly monstrous proportions - well over 200lbs.

Special adaptations, however, mean smaller 'baby' tarpon (those below 50lbs!!) are able to live and prosper, in Antigua's warmer, brackish, less well oxygenated environments - where few other predators of similar size could survive.




These stealthy ambush predators prefer to lurk in deeper potholes of an otherwise shallow seabed - also patrolling piers and pilings - waiting to explode upwards, mouth agape, to engulf whatever small baitfish may have strayed too close.



These super-streamlined shoaling fish have a well earned reputation for "punching well above their weight"!

In calm, skinny water, we look for telltale 'feeding marks', 'mudding' and 'tailing' to help guide us within casting range.
Taking care not to spook the shoal, we aim to target a single feeding fish on the outskirts of the pack....


*** The following link is to a very helpful blog on Saltwater Fly fishing - covering a multitude of subjects on all the above species.
Reading and digesting this info can really help you maximise opportunities out on the water.......
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